DNA Groups

Click here for a list of our Fall 2011 DNA Groups.


What is a DNA group?

It is a group of people who are committed to these three basic principles: Divine Truth, Nurturing Community, and Apostolic Mission.

Divine Truth is a commitment to the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  The group reads through scripture during the week and comes together to talk about what the Holy Spirit revealed to them during this time.  The goal is to find context from scripture and to discuss the content of scripture.
Nurturing Community is simply an open and honest relationship with each other.  Our groups seek to do life together and to love one another.  We want to be people who admit weakness to one another.  We want to be open and honest about the sin in our lives and hold each other accountable.  We also want to be people who callout greatness.  We want to encourage each other in the ways that God has gifted us to serve him.
Apostolic Mission is taking the Gospel to those around you.  One of the goals of the group is to live missionally together and to encourage and go out with each other to share gospel with those around us.  We are committed to praying for God to be working in the hearts of those around us and we want to be faithful in relying on the Holy Spirit as we take the initiative to share the Gospel message and leave the results up to God.
We will have DNA groups kicking off all over campus. Fill out the form below if you are interested in more information or being a part of a group.

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