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Imagine a summer that could change cities, countries and continents around the globe while also forever transforming your life–a summer that propels you into a deeper walk with God and gives you greater confidence in making Him known, a summer that develops your leadership skills and begins friendships you’ll take with you throughout your life.

For over 40 years, hundreds of thousands of students have taken advantage of summer mission projects – a life-changing, world-rocking  ministry opportunity through Campus Crusade for Christ.

Embark with us for 1-12 weeks on a summer mission project where you will…

Change the world

Let God use your summer to change the world. Whether you’re on one of the 70 projects that go abroad or you’re experiencing project right here in the States, you’ll have the opportunity to influence people of all nationalities through unique ministries and speaking the Truth of the Gospel.

Develop a deeper walk with God

Think of summer project as a “spiritual greenhouse”, a time for you to set aside distractions and grow immensely in your faith. In-depth Bible teaching will develop your understanding of God’s character and spiritual mentors will help you strengthen your relationship with Him. Add to that the chance to meet alone with God and learn from the students living with you…you are bound to grow in your own personal walk with the Lord.

Live in life-transforming community

Deep, life-long friendships are often the result of the grace and truth-filled community environments of a summer mission project. On project, you’ll live with anywhere from 10-150 of your peers from schools across the nation. All of you will have come together for the common pursuit of growing in your walks with God and making Him known. This is community at its best.

Receive training

Over the course of the summer, you’ll be trained in communicating your faith with non-believers and believers alike. Along the way you’ll gain practical skills to help you apply Jesus’ teachings to your own life and pass them on to others. The hope is that you will become an effective Christ-centered leader both on your campus and in whatever field God calls you to after college.

Experience a new adventure

It all begins with a step of faith–and who knows, maybe that will be applying for a summer mission project! Get ready to discover God’s heart for the people of the world. The possibilities are endless, and the adventure awaits!

We encourage you to explore the 200 unique projects blanketing our globe and take the first step in this exciting journey. Still not convinced? Skim through the Explore Projects section and read in more detail about U.S. and international projects. Discover what God has waiting for you. Go!


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