Who We Are

Missional Team Leaders – Doug and Becca Phillips

I (Doug) was born and raised in the great state of Arkansas.  My wife Becca was born outside of Washington DC and raised in Chicago, IL.  We met and fell in love in college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.  We have three kids (Morgan is 4, Reid is 2, and Jay was just born in August). We love doing things outside and we spend a lot of our time playing awesome games like Candyland and watching Dora the Explorer (I know, your jealous!).  Becca and I were heavily involved with Cru while we were in college and it was a life changing experience for both of us.  We have served together on staff with Cru in Houston for almost 4 years and we are starting our 4th year here in Arkansas this fall.  We love investing in the lives of students because the world has always been influenced and moved by college students.  We have a heart to see students graduate from college ready to live the rest of their lives making an impact for Christ.

Contact Doug at Doug.Phillips@cru.org

Contact Becca at Rebecca.Phillips@cru.org

Campus Field Staff – Sam and Emily Reece

We go back, way back together, we may have even played in the same sandbox at a daycare we both attended when we were kids. It goes like this…we were both born and raised in Wichita Falls, TX, met in high school and became good friends, we went to college at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX and then began dating our sophomore year. We got married in August 2006 after graduating from Texas Tech in May 2006. We moved back to work in Wichita Falls, TX for a couple of years to pay off school debt before we joined staff with Cru in the Summer of 2008. We were both very involved with Cru as students at Texas Tech and decided that we wanted to join staff with Cru because of the life change and growth that it brought into our lives during college. We are very passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the life change that comes from it. We love working with college students and we seek to help students understand what it means to live their life missionally and to spiritually multiply.

Contact Sam at Sam.Reece@cru.org

Contact Emily at Emily.Reece@cru.org

Campus Field Staff – Nick and Jena Fast

Contact Nick at Nick.Fast@cru.org

Contact Jena at Jena.Fast@cru.org







Campus Intern – Kendra Stuart

Four years ago, Kendra travelled very far away from her home town in Little Rock, AR, to go to school at UCA. She enjoys conversing over coffee, walking outside, singing inside, and speaking French. Some of her favorite people in the world are her big bro and sis-in-law, Kyle and Holly Stuart, and her little sis Rachel. Kendra got involved with Cru because she was looking for a place to grow and be challenged in her faith. Since graduating in May, she became an intern with Cru and is excited about talking to students about the most important relationship they could ever have!

Contact Kendra at Kendra.Stuart@cru.org

Campus Intern – Taylor Prescott

Contact Taylor at Taylor.Prescott@cru.org

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