Winter Conference 2013

TRUE STORY | Winter Conference 2013

The Winter Conference 2013 will be January 1-5, 2013 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth, TX. Join around 1000 college students from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Check out this year’s website and register at The Winter Conference.

What is Winter Conference about?

Focus on your relationship with God through engaging in corporate worship, challenging messages from our special guests and time set aside to connect with God.

Discover opportunities to serve with Faith Experiences where we’ll go out into the DFW area seeking to care for others as we share God’s love. Or attend the Ministry Fair or a Breakout session to learn more about our international and domestic partnerships where you’ll get a bigger picture of God’s heart for the world.

Build lasting community through road-tripping together, Campus Times, stepping out in faith together and not to mention staying up late into the night connecting with friends, new and old.

Learn how to live out the Gospel by attending workshops where you’ll learn from others about how to grow in your faith, how to share the love of Jesus with others, and what it looks like to be a Christian in your area of campus.

  • January 1-5, 2012
  • Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth, TX
  • Conference cost is $250, but if you register before December 1st you save $30
  • Register online at
Special Guests:
  • Jonathan Dodson
  • Matt Mikalatos
  • Cheryl Fletcher
  • Aaron Ivey
  • Trip Lee
Twitter: @WinterConf, #WC2013

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